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Provide a brief introduction describing the Life N Tech program and its significance for individuals not yet ready to work. Mention key skills covered, such as budgeting, personal hygiene, socialization, literacy, and computer skills

Our Adult Day Services, Life N Tech, located in Medina, Ohio, empowers those seeking a unique journey of growth and learning. This program redefines possibilities for individuals not quite ready for the workplace. It goes beyond traditional adult day care services, focusing on instilling essential life skills that pave the way for independence and enriched living.

Navigating the realm of modern technology can be daunting, intricate, and at times, challenging, particularly for adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Mastering the use of diverse digital platforms is now an essential aspect of daily living. Through our Life N Tech program, participants have the opportunity to acquire both digital competencies and practical life skills.

Join us as we create an environment where learning is fun, socialization is paramount, and every individual’s unique interests are celebrated. Explore the significance of Life-N-Tech Adult Day Services – a haven for personal growth, community engagement, and the acquisition of skills that unlock pathways to a fulfilling life.

Overview of Life N Tech Program

The Life N Tech program is not your typical adult day care program. Through our transformative approach we’ve developed an adult day services program for those with disabilities that are not ready for the workplace or are not interested in working for personal reasons. Onebridge strives to give individuals the right to explore all the opportunities available to them to achieve a more productive life.

The Concept

Life N Tech is not merely a program; it’s a comprehensive approach to enriching lives. At its core, Life N Tech recognizes the diverse needs of individuals on their journey to independence. The program is designed to bridge the gap by providing a dynamic learning environment where practical life skills take center stage

Teaching Practical Life Skills

The essence of Life N Tech lies in teaching practical life skills. From mastering everyday tasks such as counting change to planting seeds to understanding the nuances of managing money, participants embark on hands-on activities that directly impact their ability to navigate the challenges life. Other practical skills we work on are reading, writing and math, social skills, etc

Mission and Approach

Our mission is rooted in empowering individuals to improve their lives by fostering personal development, and cultivating a strong sense of community engagement. Life N Tech operates on the belief that every individual possesses unique strengths and potential. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that each participant receives tailored guidance to unlock their capabilities.

Personal Development

Life N Tech participants are not just learners; they are explorers on a journey of self-discovery. The program instills confidence, independence, and a sense of accomplishment, setting the stage for a future filled with possibilities.

Community Engagement

Beyond individual growth, Life N Tech places a strong emphasis on community engagement. We believe that an enriched life is one that actively contributes to the community in Medina and surrounding areas. Through various activities, outings, and volunteer opportunities, participants not only build social connections but become integral members of the broader community.

Join us at OneBridge Center as we redefine the concept of adult day services. Life N Tech is an invitation to discover the joy of learning practical life skills, fostering personal development, and community engagement

day habilitation program classroom

Learning Life Skills and Digital Skills in Medina

Here are some things individuals will learn:

  • Computer Skills: Typing, surfing the web safely, and using email to communicate.
  • Managing Money: Making Change, Recognizing Money
  • Healthy Living: Healthy Meals, Shopping, Exercise
  • Social Skills: Conversation, Interaction with Others,

Community Engagement and Socialization

In our Life N Tech program, we recognize the significance of community engagement and socialization. Participants not only learn practical skills but also actively participate in trips, volunteering, and explore new hobbies like digital art and music. These activities go beyond the classroom, fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth. We believe that connecting with the community is vital for overall well-being, and our program is designed to provide a supportive environment for individuals to build social connections and discover new interests.

day habilitation program classroom

Recreational Style Social Program

Having fun is an essential part of the Life N Tech Program. We have socialization activities such as board games to foster teamwork and socialization among participants. The things that individuals learn in the center are carried over to the community outings. Community engagement gives participants in the adult day program a great place to put their skills into practice. This could be as small as conversations with others in the community, to making change to learning a new skill.

Creating a Calendar of Events

At Onebridge Center, we believe in crafting experiences that resonate on a personal level. That’s why we’ve developed a dynamic, participate-driven calendar of events, ensuring that every activity you participate in is aligned with what excites and interests you most. When you join us, we’ll guide you through a simple process of choosing activities that interest you. From here we help participants discuss and plan activities to help them learn and further their personal development.

Join us for a Life-N-Tech experience where learning is not just effective but also joyful, fostering confidence, camaraderie, and lifelong skills.

Benefits of Life N Tech Program

The Life N Tech program offers a multitude of benefits designed to enhance personal and professional growth. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Acquiring Essential Life Skills: Participants in the Life N Tech program gain a wide array of valuable life skills. These include problem-solving, critical thinking, and effective communication. Such skills are crucial not only in professional settings but also in everyday life, helping individuals navigate challenges with greater ease and confidence.

2. Fostering Community Connections: the program emphasizes community building and networking, providing participants with opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and professionals in the tech industry. This fosters a sense of belonging and support, which can be invaluable for personal development and career advancement.

3. Preparing for Future Opportunities: Life N Tech equips participants with the latest technological skills and knowledge, preparing them for a variety of career paths in the fast-evolving tech sector. The practical experience and insights gained through the program can open doors to new job opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors.

4. Promoting Lifelong Learning: The program encourages a mindset of continuous personal development, improvement and lifelong learning. Participants are taught how to use technology for personal use and are motivated to pursue ongoing education and skill development.

5. Enhancing Adaptability: By exposing participants to diverse technologies and problem-solving scenarios, the program enhances their adaptability. This ability to adjust to new situations and technologies is critical in a world where change is the only constant.

6. Supporting Personal Development: Life N Tech not only focuses on computer skills but also supports personal development through workshops on teamwork, and practical skills.

By joining the Life N Tech program, individuals can expect to grow their skill sets, and build valuable connections.

Eligibility and Target Audience

The Life N Tech program at OneBridge Center offers specialized support for those not yet workplace-ready. The program is aimed at individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the goal of helping them gain independence and acquire essential life skills.

If you’re trying to get a handle on today’s tech or want to improve your everyday skills, Life N Tech is crafted to address the distinct requirements of each participant.

Join us today and start on a path of learning, community engagement, and self-development.


How to Access Life N Tech Services

In Medina and Summit Counties, our Life N Tech program is typically accessed through the local county board of developmental disabilities and local school districts. Our facility is conveniently situated on Route 18 in Medina, Ohio. We offer tours throughout the week for those eager to discover and observe what the program is all about.

Testimonials or Success Stories

“I like learning in Life N’ Tech and typing skills at OneBridge Center. I like to sit down at the table and discuss life skills’ activities. I like to play board games. I like practicing typing on the computer, because I’m trying to type faster and I keep a typing log. I’m learning about Scratch on the computer. I am learning about using animation on the computer. I like community outings especially bowling, museums and malls. OneBridge Center offers a great day program for autistic adults, which makes this a great day program for me.” – Draigon

“I love going to my adult day service program at Onebridge. I also like my instructor, Sharon, she is my  friend. I also love going on community outings. This is a great program and I would recommend anyone to go there.” – Rashaad


What are Adult Day Services?
Adult day services, also known as adult day care centers, offer a structured, comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of adults with disabilities, who require supervision or assistance during the day. These services are aimed at providing relief to family members or caregivers, allowing them to go to work, handle personal business, or simply take a break from the demanding tasks of caregiving. These programs can offer activities such as social activities, learning and transportation.
What is the difference between adult day services and adult day care?

Adult day services for individuals with disabilities and adult day care cater to different needs and objectives, although they share the common goal of providing safe, supportive environments for adults during the day. Adult day care centers typically serve older adults who may need supervision, social interaction, or assistance with daily activities due to aging, dementia, or other health-related issues. While both types of services provide daytime care and activities for adults, adult day services for individuals with disabilities are more specialized, focusing on learning and rehabilitative services tailored to the needs of people with disabilities.

What is one possible benefit of adult day services?

One possible benefit of adult day services is the provision of social interaction and engagement for those with disabilities. These services offer a structured environment where participants can engage in various activities, socialize with their peers, and receive services. This interaction helps reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, promotes mental stimulation, and can improve overall well-being and quality of life. Additionally, adult day services provide respite for caregivers, giving them time to rest, work, or attend to other responsibilities, knowing that their loved one is in a safe and supportive environment.

What is the Life N Tech program?

The Life N Tech program at OneBridge Center is tailored to support individuals who are not yet ready for the workplace, specifically those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our program is open to individuals seeking independence and practical life skills.

What skills are covered in the Life N Tech program?

Our program is designed to empower participants with a comprehensive set of skills essential for fostering greater independence. It encompasses a wide range of learning areas, including vital life skills such as cooking, principles of healthy living, and computer literacy. This holistic approach ensures that participants are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of daily life with confidence and self-reliance.

What types of activities are included in the recreational social program?

Previously, attendees have engaged in numerous enjoyable activities. These have ranged from visiting libraries, bowling alleys, local shopping destinations, and dining establishments. Additionally, excursions to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center have been part of the experience. These outings not only offer fun but also provide opportunities for participants to practice various skills acquired at the center, from socialization activities to handling money and making change. We hold the conviction that learning extends beyond the confines of the center and occurs in all environments.

Can participants create their own calendar of events?

Participants work together with staff members to plan and organize various activities and events at the center. The center prioritizes person-centered planning, ensuring that everyone has a say in our activities and decisions.

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