Adult Day Services

Not Quite Ready For the Workplace

Our Life N Tech program is considered adult day services for those who are not quite ready for the workplace.

The world of modern technology can be confusing, complex, and incredibly overwhelming, especially for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Being able to understand and utilize various digital platforms has become a necessary part of everyday life. In our Life N Tech program, individuals can learn digital skills and life skills.

Getting help with learning various technology programs is a natural step for those seeking some type of independence. Only 18% of adults said they would feel comfortable learning how to use a new technology device on their own; meanwhile, 77% said they would like someone to help walk them through the process.

What Will You Learn?

You can learn everyday life skills and computer skills. You can also go on trips with other participants and be a part of the community. Here are some things you will learn both online and offline.

Learn Simple Recipes

Learning Games

Managing money

Online banking

Accessing Transportation

Job search


On top of these skills, we can help young adults find ways to get back into participating in the community. Isolation is a serious problem for adults and can lead to major health problems, such as depression and obesity. In fact, poor social relationships were associated with a 29% increase in risk of heart disease and a 32% increase in risk of stroke.

Facebook and local community pages have made it easier than ever to get involved with the community. In our Life-N-Tech program, we will also introduce participants to possible new hobbies, such as digital art and music. Once they have completed the program, they will have an endless supply of time-fillers and friends to keep them occupied.

Have Fun!

Through our in-person Adult Day Services, intellectually or physically disabled adults can learn how to operate multiple pieces of technology and life skills all while having fun.

With the recreational style social program of Life-N-Tech, adults can learn while also participating in fun, familiar activities such as singing, volunteering, excerise, learning team work, drawing, writing, arts and crafts. Having fun is an essential part of retaining information and boosting confidence, both of which are vital to maintaining knowledge after the completion of the program. While we will definitely welcome clients back with open arms if a refresher is needed, our goal is to give clients the knowledge they need to drive to their own success.


Each client has the opportunity to participate in creating a calendar of events based on their unique interests. Since fun looks a little different for everyone, we want clients to choose what will be most enjoyable for them.

Learn how to operate all the technology! Have an easier time connecting with the community and increase the likelihood of a longer, happier life!

If you have any questions, require more information, or would like to schedule a tour of our facility, please click below or call Anita Murphy at 330-267-7556. On the tour, our team of professionals will give you a closer look at what is taught during the program. Some participants even start planning their daily schedule on this visit. We hope to see you soon.

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