There are a lot of different eLearning myths out there. In this article we will outline what the biggest eLearning myths are and offer some simple and cost effective tips that you can implement on your own to make learning more fun and interesting. The first thing we encourage is to know what types of eLearning will work best for you. There are many ways you can learn about the product or service you are considering purchasing. You will be able find the best eLearning solution if you already have an idea of what you want to learn. However, do not let the myths you hear persuade you from not taking the jump.

eLearning offers many benefits, including the possibility to save time and money. You can learn at your own pace when you are learning something new. Students find that eLearning is very easy to pick up and put down. There is no pressure to take tests or listen to endless lectures. Online courses are flexible and can be arranged to fit your daily life.

eLearning is Not Interactive

eLearning is interactive. Interactive learning is a way for students to learn more. In a world where we use technology to communicate everyday new ways are constantly be developed.  In the same way students can interact with each other through breakout groups, group discussions and other methods the instructor employs.  Multimedia, CD-ROMs, and DVDs can be used to reinforce the lessons. Interaction is what truly makes learning fun.

eLearning is Not Portable

Another myth about eLearning is that it cannot be made mistakes. eLearning provides a higher level learning experience than traditional methods. You can access training resources anywhere around the world and if you miss a section, you can just go back to it later. eLearning also allows you to take the classes with you. So unlike traditional classrooms if you travel for your job or another reason the classroom can be taken along with you.

eLearning is Expensive

eLearning isn’t very expensive. It is actually quite affordable when compared to other learning methods. The cost of course materials is affordable for most people. There is no need to rent books or buy books. eLearning has made education available to everyone and the best thing is that costs have been greatly reduced over the years. eLearning offers a very flexible and affordable way of learning.

eLearning is Time Consuming

eLearning is not a time-waster. We have seen many people who have spent countless hours doing nothing but wasting money on different courses. The nice thing about eLearning is you decide what course you would like to take, whether it is just one course or a program. You must have a clear plan and be able to motivate yourself to complete the entire program.