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Digital transformation, or the implementation of advanced digital systems and ways of working, has enabled many companies to get more competitive and efficient. The introduction of digital workflows has shifted how we do things from the inside of organizations and has allowed for a boost in performance on multiple fronts.

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Technology is being used as a tool to replace conventional processes which were previously slow or difficult to manage, and it’s having a positive effect on many businesses.

Learning is becoming more diverse at the same time; changes to the way we work are making it more multi-faceted. Decisions on how we reach our objectives can no longer be restricted to any particular location or situation. For this reason, the need to tap into innovative learning methods has become a key factor in the development of professional strategies within corporations.

Thanks to the emergence of new training techniques, L&D is vastly different from what it used to be in previous years. Relying on interactive training tools has made stimulating learning experiences much more feasible and multi-dimensional for learners (McKinsey & Co., 2018).

The implementation of digital strategy and using digital tools can be just the start of digitizing learning and training techniques. For a full transition to full impact, however, a culture shift is required.

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