Disability & Training Ebooks

Read and gather insights about industry news and information. Our Ebooks are designed to offer an in-depth look at topics impacting those with disabilities.

Attracting and Retaining Neurodiverse Talent

Attracting and Retaining Neurodiverse Talents Ebook

This e-book intends to provide a detailed introduction to neurodiversity and how it might be utilized in the workplace. Neurodiversity is an important issue of discussion in contemporary culture, and it is crucial that we comprehend how to best serve and accommodate persons with varied neurological profiles.
Soft Skills You Need In The Workplace

9 Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful in the Workplace Ebook

Do you have all the technical know how but feel like you are still missing something? What might need to be developed are your soft skills or those skills which effectively allow us to work with others. Download this FREE soft skills training ebook and learn how to develop the skills you need.

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