In an ever changing world, many tools are required to facilitate effective and efficient online training. Today’s E-Learning Tool suppliers include top-rated software for both instructors and students. It doesn’t matter what type of field you are in; these 5 e-learning tools are industry leading and here’s why.

Computer-based training is the wave of the future for education. Online based programs have become so popular that corporations such as Apple use them to train their employees. The reason why they choose these online programs over more traditional ones is because the cost is much lower.

Here are a few leading E-Learning tools for teaching and learning:


Yes, believe it or not YouTube has so much more than cat videos and funny bloopers. You can discover a wealth of information from a variety of people all over the world. Here there are tons of great educational videos to be found by simply typing a few key phases about what interests you in the search box. Take it a step further and subscribe to educational channels to help you develop better understanding of any subject. By subscribing you will receive updates when that channel publishes new content.

Computer-Assisted E-Learning:

With computer-assisted online learning, you use a keyboard and mouse to navigate a virtual course. The course is presented on a screen that is computerized and constantly refreshed, so that a student can be properly educated. The benefits of this type of E-Learning are that it provides a hands-on experience in addition to a more interactive and detailed experience with the instructor. Computer assisted e-learning offers a seamless transition from classroom to computer. Students can also learn at their own pace and do not follow the same course as their peers. Computer-assisted online learning is ideal for those who need a more hands-on approach when it comes to learning the material. There are a variety of platforms that offer these kind of courses.

Open Yale Courses:

Have you always wanted to go to Yale but are not able to afford it? There is another way to achieve this goal. Yale is one of many credible universities from around the globe that is offering course material available for the benefit of the public. Now, you can access learning material from Yale without leaving the comforts of your room, thanks to the Open Yale Courses. These free courses offer everything from Astronomy to Chemistry to Sociology.

Live Based Learning:

An interactive learning method, live based learning takes place by interacting with other students via a web-based application. Live classroom sessions provide students with real-time opportunities to ask questions and participate in a group project. This method includes actual discussions and problem solving from both teachers and students. Live learning is ideal for enhancing learning and provides a more flexible way of learning. Some of the advantages of this include a more structured learning experience, interaction with peers and group projects that require real-time interaction. Many popular companies offer these. All you need to do is go search for them. Some are free and some charge for their services.


Alison is free online education site that offers lectures, videos, and class materials in various different topics from Engineering to Teaching. Each course has a summary page, which outlines the materials provided, the instructor, a syllabus, and the amount of time it will take to accomplish.

Things to Consider

E-learning is quickly becoming an established way to deliver professional training and enhance personal development. In order to ensure that you get the most benefit out of your online education programs, you need to find the right online training solution. With so many online training solutions to choose from, it should be easy to find a reputable provider of online training programs that can meet all of your online training needs.

The quality of the content should be of a high level of interactivity. The instructor should be well supported in every step of the learning process. Online technology should be supported by modern infrastructure, such as broadband, network printers, digital cameras, projectors, audio tracks, telephones and other media solutions. Good E-Learning methods allow students to become proficient in using Internet technologies. Such methods also help in retaining E-Learning information for longer periods.

These online education systems are used in schools, colleges and businesses, too. Because of their accessibility and flexibility, these programs have become one of the most widely used online education systems. Not only are they used in education settings, but they are also used in government programs, businesses and even for online training in certain industries.

With so many people using online training systems, many people wonder which ones are industry leading. One way to find out what programs are industry leading is to see how popular they are. Popular online training solutions are most likely going to be high quality, affordable and have a proven track record of success. Online education systems are also one of the most flexible, convenient and cost-effective options that you have when it comes to making changes to your career or learning about a new industry.