Job Development

What is Job Development?

To help you swiftly find employment again, Job Development connects you with employers. We concentrate on your interests, focusing on local jobs that match your qualifications, needs for income, and expectations. Onebridge offers strong follow-up assistance, and placement services, job search assistance and preparation to maximize your success. Onebridge places you in a position that is appropriate for your abilities, knowledge, and skills in order to assist you reach a successful rehabilitation outcome.

Group of Participants Learning Job Development

Why Should I work when I could just collect my SSI check?

You have more options for what to buy and where to live when you work. You can feel more optimistic and hopeful about yourself and your future with structure and routine. Your social circle and network of supporters grow when you work. Your life is better because of work!

What Job Development Services Does Onebridge Offer?

Job Seeking Skills

Job Search Assistance

Job Coaching

Job Retention

How Can I access Onebridge's Job Development Services?

You can access our job development services by calling us at (330) 267-7557 to discuss details and get started or send us message by filling out the form below.

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