Microsoft Office 2010 (Bundle)


Microsoft Office has become the leading software to drive productivity in the office and at home. The knowledge of Microsoft is one of the basic needs for most jobs. Be it marketing, accounting, business analytics, or coding: you need to have appropriate training on Microsoft programs.

You might be using MS Excel and MS Word on a daily basis. But, most of the time, it is limited to only typing letters, adjusting fonts and formats, generating a simple table, and for few other basic purposes. Furthermore, you might not be familiar with using formulas to sort out a table, advanced tools to help you simplify your work, and so on. In order to improve your skills and expertise in Microsoft 2010 tools and functions, we have come up with the Microsoft 2010 training course bundle. This all-inclusive training bundle offers comprehensive training on five common MS Office programs: MS Word 2010, MS Excel 2010, MS PowerPoint 2010, MS Access, and MS Outlook 2010 in addition to other Microsoft products.

A beginner who is enrolling in Microsoft 2010 training course can begin with the essentials and then aim for the advanced level for a better grasp. If you are already familiar with the essentials and need to advance your skills, then you can find our advanced or expert lessons here.

People who are familiar with the previous versions of Microsoft Office, specifically the 2003 and 2007 versions, will be surprised to know about the features of Microsoft Office 2010! You’ll begin from the essentials, covering everything that you need to advance your skills in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access 2010, including expert-level training that will allow you to accomplish real mastery.



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