Instructor led training offers many advantages to organizations, but you might question what are the signs that it might be time for your company to move forward with implementing this method of training.

Here are some ways to tell if you need to utilize instructor led training in your organization.

It is led by specialists in their area of expertise

Instructor-led training is much more effective when it is led by experts. To become an instructor, most instructors will need to complete a train the trainer course. They will be able teach the material to others and create engaging activities and tests to ensure that learners retain the information. If you’re an employee, this is an opportunity to elevate yourself and help you become better at what they do. Unless your organization has a department dedicated completely to training, it might be hard to become an expert on each area needed for training.

Online instructor led training can offer improved tracking.

With an online training, one option it can offer is a way for staff to easily track progress. If you partner with a company that offers an online Learning Management System (LMS) you can track your employees learning identify opportunities for other trainings or improvement. Many also offer ways to digitally download certificates upon the completion of the course.

Training can offer a variety of formats making it adaptable for different learning styles.

There are different options for how to receive training. It can be offered to your organizations in-person, online or even blended. Some people work better with an online version and feel more comfortable asking questions this way while others might feel more comfortable in-person. It allows you options to give your employees.

Moreover, it can be more cost-effective than one-on-one training.

Compared to other training options, it is best for complex subjects. It is more beneficial than other options, regardless of whether it’s a new program or a complicated new procedure.

In the age of employees leaving organization, instructor led training can be personalized to your organizations and employee’s needs.

September research by Clear Company revealed that 91% of employees want personalized, relevant training. This means employees want more than just training for the sake of training. They want opportunity for training that offers them the chance to grow and develop their skills. By exploring courses that ties to a department or employees job functions it can allow an organization to better personalize to their training needs.

Instructors can include interactive activities that can increase learner engagement.

To engage learners, they can use games, polls, or other activities. Other things can be included such as a short reference guide to help understand the concepts more fully. Through the use to the interactive activities employees can be fully engaged in the learning process. The activities can enable them to learn more about a topic as well as how to use it.

There is faster access to instructor led training.

There are many resources already available for training. Instead of starting from scratch, your organization could use something that is already developed. This would allow no down time in implementing and reaching your training goals.

When deciding whether to adopt the instructor lead training for your organization weigh whether it supports your organizations long term development goals. However, instructor led training is good option due to its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and efficiency.