Vocational Rehabilitation

Onebridge is here to help you find your perfect job. Whether it’s returning back to work, exploring community employment for the first time – we’ll make sure that whatever path gets taken leads straight towards success. If you need job seeking skills training, job development and job supports. We got you covered.

We also provide computer skills training through our exclusive “Digiskills” program.  The OneBridge Center provides vocational rehabilitation services that will help you succeed in the modern workforce.


Employment Services Offered

Job Skills and Readiness Training

Disabilities make it difficult to gain or maintain employment, and that has led to a tragic level of unemployment among the cognitively impaired. Worse yet, many unemployed adults with disabilities are capable of working and simply need support and education to accommodate their special needs.

To help offset this issue, our disability support services DigiSkills program provides high-quality job readiness training which include problem solving, communication, team work, work ethic, conflict resolution, time management and active listening. Learning these skills prepare adults to transition into the workforce instead of falling victim to unemployment.

Customized Digital/Computer Training

Our vocational rehabilitation training for adults with disabilities seeks to provide the computer and digital skills necessary for adults to not only enter the workforce but maintain a level of competitiveness that allows them to thrive in life.

The Digiskills program layout is easy to understand and customizable to address the individual needs of each client. We use a stage-based program that allows clients to begin their education at a level that is appropriate for their existing technological experience. For example, we do not make people with advanced computer skills waste time relearning how to open the browser and instead put them in a course that enriches their knowledge of in-demand work skills.

Job Readiness Training

  • Interviewing
  • Resume Writing
  • Team Work
  • Soft Skills for work
  • Job Search Assistance

Computer Applications Training

  • Microsoft Window Basics
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Suite
  • And…more!


Digital Skills Training:

  • ChatGPT
  • Web Design
  • Graphics
  • Coding
  • General digital skills.


Office/Customer Service Training:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Customer Service & Sales Certified Specialist

At the end of each of our courses, clients are fully equipped and ready to thrive in their job hunt. Courses are built on a foundation of real-world applications and are structured in a way that accommodates the various disabilities and needs of our clients.

We also offer special education transitional services and vocational training for individuals with I/DD and autism at our OneBridge Center in-person or virtually. We are equipped physically, mentally, emotionally, and professionally to properly work with those with all sorts of unique disabilities.

Our services are growing in necessity and demand as the global community of disabled individuals grows exponentially. As the disabled population grows, more and more people are forced to settle for unemployment and/or dependence on others once they leave high school. Programs like DigiSkills empower these underrepresented young adults to follow their dreams and make them a reality.

Learn More About Our Vocational Rehabilitation Services

We typically work with individuals who are currently in or are about to leave high school. However we also accept those who have been out of high school for a while. We help our clients obtain the skills they need as quickly as possible through our in-person facilities or our virtual program which is open to all and makes courses accessible to those who may not be able to reach our facilities.

If you or someone you know is about to make the transition into adulthood or perhaps you know someone who is being held back due to their lack of computer skills, please contact us to receive the training and support you need to achieve your goals, gain independence, and thrive in all that you choose to do.

All job readiness and Digiskills services are customized to meet the client’s needs.

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