Vocational Training White Papers

Read and gather insights about industry news and information. Our vocational training white papers provide indepth exploration of topics that matter to your workplace.

hands pointing to laptop-soft skills development

Soft Skills Development: A Leadership Superpower to Competitive Edge

From communication to innovative thinking, soft skills are imperative in every aspect of life, including our work, personal, and even our collegiate lives. In one arena, we learn skills that we can apply to another.

maximizing returns on employee learning vocational training white paper

5 Tips for Maximizing Returns on  Employee Learning in 2022

Employee learning and development is an area you should be
investing in for 2022 and beyond. This whitepaper explores five tips
for maximizing that investment and setting your company up for

digital transformation and how to leverage new learning tools

Digital Transformation Accelerated: How to Leverage New Learning Tools


Digital transformation, or the implementation of advanced digital systems and ways of working, has enabled many companies to get more competitive and efficient. The introduction of digital workflows has shifted how we do things from the inside of organizations and has allowed for a boost in performance on multiple fronts.

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