Discover new digital skills or get a temporary job placement to enhance your potential and get feedback to help you achieve your employment goals.

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Get help with resume writing, mock interviews, filling out applications, job placement, and get coaching for long-term success.

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Are you more interested in learning life skills and basic computer training? Onebridge is here to help!

Discover Your Potential

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Discover new digital skills, certifications, provide temporary job placement to enhance your potential and feedback to help you hone your vocational goals. 

What we Do

Empower those with disabilites through skills training and employment services

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The pre-employment services are offered to High School Students transistioning the school district. These services are meant to get each participant ready for the job search through our workplace readiness training and experiences through volunteering and working with our website design teams. Our team helps individuals who have barriers to employment identify the right job for them and highlighting your strengths and skills so that you can find long-term work that you enjoy. Get the pre-employment services you need to move forward.

Job Development

We are a certified Opportunties for Ohioans for Disabilities provider. In addition we are CARF certified for Employment Services. Through job development, we help people find jobs that match their skills and work challenges. To do this well, our community employment specialsit looks at the person’s strengths, abilities, challenges, and needs and then matches these things with the right work setting, supervisor, work tasks, and co-workers.

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Adult Day Services

People who aren’t quite ready to work can learn the skills they need to be successful through our Life N Tech program. They can learn everyday life skills such as budgeting, personal hygiene and safety, socialization, literacy skills community engagement, group and individual learning, and computer skills. In addition, they can participate in community outings to be a part of the community.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Through our Digiskills program, our learning management system, group activities, and their instructors teach computer, digital, and job-readiness skills. The goal of our vocational rehabilitation training for adults with disabilities is to give them the technological skills they need to not only get a job but also stay competitive enough to do well in life. We focus on skills such as typing, data entry, basice and advanced computer skills, MS Office, Google Workspace and so much more. Through our web design program some individuals move on to work on to create high quality and affordable website for small businesses through our sister company Alinko Digital Pros.

Website Design for People with Disabilities
Professional Development Training


Become a Champion Employer by utilizing the strength, ingenuity, and creativity of those with barriers to employment. You can do this by either becoming a Hiring Partner or a Local Host Provider



What Our Particpants are Saying

“I enjoyed coming to OneBridge over the last year.  I spent my time learning and having fun. In Digskills I learned about Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Google Slides. I learned how to use a Mac computer… I also learned  Business Communication along with Microsoft Excel,  Word, and PowerPoint.” -L.C.

“At the Onebridge Center; I have learned a lot in one year. I have learned to work and navigate on a Apple mac, create videos on google slides in which i have my own Onebridge youtube account and over the period of time i’ve made friends along the way too. ” -M.C.

“This course helped bring back the basics that I hadn’t used in a long while. The combination of videos, reading and hands on labs helped me to understand and retain the information. The course was very helpful. I now have more confidence moving forward that I can not only use but more effectively use these programs.” -C.H.

9 Soft Skills You Need to Be Successful in the Workplace

Do you have all the technical know how but feel like you are still missing something? What might need to be developed are your soft skills or those skills which effectively allow us to work with others. Learn more on how to download this FREE soft skills training ebook.

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